PIXAID: Digital Reinforcement Against Deepfakes


In a world where we computer and share countless photos on social media daily, the act of sharing images can pose unexpected risks. One such risk is the emergence of issues facilitates by AI, such as deepfakes. The misuse of AI technology could potentially compromise the images of  ourselves andour families.

To counter such risks, the innovative solution, Pixaid, has entered the scene!


Ideally, we would live in a world where Pixaid isn’t a widespread necessity. However, in reality, we must make efforts to ensure our safty through this app.


Pixaid is an application based on image immunity technology, designen to shield your precious moments from threats like deelfakes.  While imperceptible to the humon eye, the app employs AI-aware blurring techniques to secure and manage image of yourself, your family, and eslecially your cherished little ones.


with Pixaid, you can confidently protecet your loved ones from threats like deepfakes, allowing you to share photo without worry. install the application swiftly and embark on your digital defense jourey today!